What does Sunidista mean?

Su – Good in Sanskrit language. Ni (Niti)- Values. Dista – Goal. The tag line Su Niti Paramam Dista Bhavati means  Noble values, morals and ethics shall be one’s prime goal to lead a quality life.


Sunidista is about,

  • Saanu and Banu book series: Beautifully illustrated story books for children (age 1+). The books will try and imbibe  certain values in children, which are the building blocks of a person’s personality.
  • Literature :The literature which will help the parents to understand what to expect from themselves. How to nurture the values to the children by setting themselves as an example?


How is Sunidista unique?

  • The soul of Sunidista is to imbibe the values in children without being preachy, dogmatic or moralistic.
  • The book does not have certain Do’s and Don’ts. Instead,they will facilitate the children to think, question, argue and have fun.
  • Fun filled activities at the end of each book which will encourage parental involvement with children.
  • The characters are quite real life like, the children in the book seem to be one of us. They are not super heroes, child prodigies or any fairy tale kind. This approach will not challenge self -worth of a child.
  • The topics and characters are quite contemporary and real. Hence, the children will be able to connect themselves to the actual world.


Hope for the future:

Come, let us together with you, the parents, the care givers and the teachers help our children who are the adults of tomorrow to lead a value based peaceful life. Let us guide them to create a pleasant society for the future.

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