‘A man’s character is governed by the values and ethics he possesses. A person of good conduct is benevolent, well- mannered, humble and is often respected well in the society. As parents, carers and teachers responsibility lies in us to guide them to a proper pathway and this can be achieved in two following ways.

  •  By conducting ourselves in a composed and humble manner so that they look up to us
  •  By instilling the values with help of stories and fun filled activities

Saanu and Banu book series understands the importance of instilling this prime ‘value’ to the kids, as we believe that the children of today are the hope for a better future tomorrow. In the series we support the kids to understand the traits better, by means of colorful story books. The topics below are meticulously chosen and stories are narrated based on real life circumstances.

The website Sunidista can be quite an insight on parenting and instilling these values to the children.

The subsection ‘Composition’ will have colorful books ‘ Saanu and Banu series’ written for each and every below topic. Also, a literature in form of blog or article will be uploaded in each section to help the parents to guide their children.


Empathy and Sympathy My brother is my friend too
What is honesty? Kindness and happniess
I am not a Show off Calling names
Speaking truth can be fun Sweet-tempered
Being thankful Beauty lies in the eyes
Listen to your heart Fantasy world

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