An alternative word for ‘Believing in one’s self’ is ‘Self-Confidence’; this virtue of self- assurance is about expecting no green signal from others for your abilities and capabilities. Self-confidence makes a person happier, energetic and successful. He/she is free from self- doubt, social-anxiety, and stress.

Sunidista understands the importance of instilling this prime ‘value’ to the children. We believe that the children of today are the hope for a better future tomorrow. The Saanu and Banu book series will support the kids to understand this trait better, by means of colorful story books. The topics in the story books are meticulously chosen and the stories are narrated based on real life circumstances to suit the contemporary society.

The website Sunidista will be quite an insight for parents too, The parenting techniques will help the fathers and mothers to instill the values to the children in a fun-filled and non-moralistic way.

The subsection confidence will have colourful books ‘Saanu and Banu series’ written for each and every below topic. Also, a literature in form of blog or article will be uploaded in each section to help the parents to guide their children.

I Know my country Reading books is fun
I am same as others It’s ok if I am shy
No comparisons please I love dancing and singing
I can handle the stuff too I am a happy kid
I am myself Say prayers
I believe in myself  It’s ok if I do not win
I trust my parents I can make mistakes too
Being together is fun