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A very important contributor for a man’s self-confidence is the pride and sense of belonging to his country. It is this confidence with which a person feels at home. It is this confidence which makes him secure and, he enjoys the contentment of being in safe hands. This pride will suffice only when he knows his country well enough.

The respect and conceit has to be multifold especially when a country like ours which has a history and culture of over  thousands of years. The gratified joy is unbound when the contribution of many Indians (present and past) in the field of science and technology, arts, mathematics, spirituality etc. is cherished.

With the consensus we shall agree upon the fact that ‘every country has its share of problems and issues, there can be no perfect country’. This should not stop us in loving our motherland,

जननी  जन्मभूमिश्च  स्वर्गादपि  गरीयसी |

Mother and Motherland are over the abode of god, the heaven.

Sunidista has attempted to showcase some of the outstanding facts about India which the children of India will be proud of, and this pride will bring a fresh storm of self-confidence in future generation. With a hope that they will be able to represent our country better in a world platform, the following topics have been designed.

This subsection/ Element will have books written for each and every following topic. Also, a literature in form of blog or article will be uploaded in each section to help the parents to guide their children.

Website illustration7What is India? Website illustration7How we live and how we lived
Website illustration7Independence and freedom Website illustration7Indian ornaments
Website illustration7India and her culture Website illustration7Indian costumers
Website illustration7Indian flag Website illustration7I love my mother tongue
Website illustration7Indian festival Website illustration7We play these games too…
Website illustration7Ayurveda Website illustration7Farmers across India
Website illustration7Mathematics and India Website illustration7Women of India
Website illustration7Ancient Indian Doctors Website illustration7Our Industries
Website illustration7Our buildings are awesome Website illustration7Various cultures


I am same as othersIndia and her culture