In today’s fast moving world all of us are busy with our own set of problems and we are totally unaware of the impact of quantitative and qualitative time spending with the child. Although most of us try to brush it off the carpet and convince oneself saying ‘I am spending quality time with my children’.

Either a working mother or a housewife we need to spend quality time with children, unlike in 70’s and 80’s where we had more than 3 siblings at home and children were hardly lonely and occupied in the electronic world.

Spending time with a child brings in a trust factor, kids are confident that ‘whatever problem I am in, my parents are there with me’ and this factor is very important for a child’s confidence building.

In a story ‘I trust my parents- Saanu and Banu book series‘ Saanu’s family helps the children to instill the trust factor in parents.

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