Most of the times Kids can be shy and a little conscious in front of strangers, they can behave in a strange manner or may be rude. Also there can be instances when you introduce your friend to your child and you expect the kid to exchange the gesture back but instead he or she is shy or rude. You may wish that he/she recites a poem/song /dance in front of your friends or relatives but the kid refuses to do so.

As parents we have to understand that we have been shy too as kids too but unfortunately we have forgotten it now. We have to make the child feel that being shy is completely normal and they will get over it. Instead of forcing or lamenting about it which can affect their self-confidence or self –esteem.

In a story ‘It’s OK if I am shy- Saanu and Banu book series’ let us see how the family handles this situation and boosts children’s self- confidence.


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