It is very essential for all of us to accept failures in life elegantly. It is furthermore important for us as parents to make the child realize right from the young age that ‘it’s ok if you do not win ‘. They should understand that working hard and winning can feel good but failures can teach us valuable lessons and the grace acknowledges success. This acknowledgement will bring in Self-confidence in a child.

The book ‘It’s OK if I do not win – Saanu and Banu book series’ treats this matter in a very practical contemporary way ,A few day to day activities are taken into consideration. The following are tried to inculcate in the children,

  • Eventually the child will learn to handle multiple failures
  • The children will feel it’s perfectly OK not to win
  • The children will realize that, its completely OK to feel pathetic for a moment and then to carry on
  • The child will learn how to handle the Victory/Success

Usually, failures are quite often in a man’s life than successes. Unfortunately it’s only that successes are fancied and written of.

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