Most of the time we parents unknowingly dump our insecurity and un- fulfilled desires on our children. We are either insecure about our children not performing well ,compared to our friends and relatives kids or we are constantly worried about,

‘what is going to happen to my child’s future in this competitive world?’
The nature of education system, livelihood, and existence is always fast paced in the society. The kids very often bog down to Peer pressure and parental pressure and can become less confident. It is very essential for us the parents to realize the sensitivity of comparisons.
Some of the phrases used below should be best avoided.
a) “His brother grasps up things quite fast, but he is a bit slow.”
b) “Your sister is a good girl, she listens to me.”
c) “My son is the best among all in the class; he is very smart and intelligent.”
d) “How many marks did your friends score in the test?”
e) “You are a very beautiful and fair girl than others.”


A child should never be made to feel that he is inferior or superior to others in any case. The needle should not be swinging on the extreme ends of the comparison. As a parent/guardian or a teacher we have to first believe in the fact that every individual is unique and will blossom in a unique way. This will create a sense of self confidence in us and thus will be easy for us to guide our kids.
One such incident in the book ‘No comparisons please- Saanu and Banu book series’ will show case this issue and how the parents and the child have handled it gracefully. The children have realized it too that comparisons will rob away their confidence and happiness.

For more information please refer to the book ‘No comparisons please- Saanu and Banu book series.


I am same as others | I can handle the stuff too