Reading books (other than educational books) has become one of the under-rated virtues today. The great influence of electronic gadgets and games are weaning the kids from the good habit of reading books.

As parents we have to first understand the importance of reading books other than the monotonous educational ones, we need to know the impact they have on us.

Although life is driving us crazy with its incessant demands, we have to spare some time in a day for at least a chapter in a book for our own good. We have to enjoy the tranquility and set an example for our children.

  • Reading books will wide open our minds to a life’s different perspective
  • Reading books like encyclopedia, tell me why? 1000 questions and answers, books about freedom fighters, great artists, movies leaders etc. Will help the one’s over all development and enhances self- confidence
  • Reading good books will throw a light on us and show us that there is a beautiful world out there other than education, office, gossips, TV, computer games and mobiles.

In the book ‘Reading books is fun– Saanu and Banu book series‘ parents explain the children about the joy of reading books in a fun filled way and boost their self-confidence.

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