One of the add-ons which supplement the confidence in an induvial is ‘Reliance’. Self- Reliance or self- dependency makes a person happy, free and assured. He is assured of the fact that he can to handle the whole chunk. He is able to concede the responsibility of ‘I am largely responsible for my life’ on his own shoulders.

The main challenge is instilling this value into our children in a more convincing and appeasing manner, so that they understand the importance of it. Sunidista has come up with a unique format of fun filled colorful story books for children with many activities at end of the book.

The story books/ Saanu and Banu book series can be an insight for the parents too. The story books will drive them to think on various topics, for example,

  • How to help a child think and have an opinion of his own?
  • How to explain to a child to accept his own mistakes?
  • How to teach them the value of money?

The subsection ‘Reliance’ will have colourful books ‘Saanu and Banu series’ written for each and every below topic. Also, a literature in form of blog or article will be uploaded in each section to help the parents to guide their children.

Think .. Think.. Think  Time management
Question everything I can make mistakes too
Are arguments good? How not to get lost?
Personal hygiene Being together
My daily chores Money in a Bank
Planning my things How to handle a bully?
My activities Cooking is fun too
I shall help my parents