Self-restraint or self-control is basically the art of distraction. A self-controlled person would emphasis more on distracting the temptation rather than focussing on resisting the temptation. A smart man that he is, he knows that resistance is much harder than distraction.

Let us consider an example, a person is very angry and he is all geared up and tempted to blast a man right in front of him. Instead of spitting his anger, if he focusses on silencing his mind for some time and distracts his own attention from anger. He would avoid all the confrontations and the regret which are sure to come by later.

In one of our ancient script, self-restraint/ self-control has been explained in a consequent way.
उदकान् हि नयन्ति नेत्तिका
उसुकार नमयन्ति तेजनम्।
दारुं नमयन्ति तच्चका
अत्तानं दमयन्ति पण्डिता॥

The irrigators direct the flow of the water into the fields, the fletcher (the arrow maker) fashion the shaft, carpenters bend the wood, but, the wise control themselves.

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