Reading book is Fun
Book -6 ,Series-1
Saanu and Banu think reading new books is boring. Read this book to figure out their adventures during the journey of starting to love books.



Healthy Eating 
Book -5 ,Series-1
Today, Banu is having a terrible stomach pain.His mother is taking him to the doctor.Well, the doctor has some exciting stories to narrate too!

What is Respect? 
Book -4 ,Series-1

Wow! Vanita miss is discussing about an interesting topic today. Shall we pop into and figure out what she says? She is also distributing a surprise to the class !





How to keep your city clean?
Book -3 ,Series-1

Rekha Aunty is visiting Saanu and Banu from America. Lets us read the book and find out what they discuss ? How they plan  to keep the city clean?

Independence and Freedom 
Book -2 ,Series-1

People in Saanu’s house are behaving weirdly. Something is changed, lets read the book and figure out what and why?


What is India?
Book -1 ,Series-1

Banu thinks his city ‘Mysuru’ is as a big as India! is it true? come let’s read and find out.




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