Man is a social animal, it is very hard for him to survive being alone. He needs people and an amicable environment around him to be happy and content. This social life comes up with certain responsibilities and mannerism, i.e. Do’s and Don’ts for our, and others well- being.

A peaceful, hygienic and self –sustainable society can be possible with positive and collective mindsets of every induvial. Each person can contribute his ants share and this could make a commendable difference in a society. As, Gandhiji rightly said,

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

The subsection ‘Social-Responsibilities’ will have colorful books ‘Saanu and Banu series’ written for each and every below topic. Also, a literature in form of blog or article will be uploaded in each section to help the parents to guide their children.


How to keep your city clean? Can I help you?
Recycling Water is precious
We love green color I will not waste my food
Chop me not Respect other’s food habits
I know my neighbour My friend
Restaurant manners Queue
Three little magic words All skin colors are beautiful
Manners in public